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Our Services

Technology Screening

Carbon Capture Technology Screening

  • Amines
  • Chilled Ammonia Process
  • Hot Potassium Carbonate
  • Heat and Mass balances
  • OPEX

CCS Study

Full chain concept study

  • Carbon capture technology screening
  • Liquefaction
  • Buffer storage
  • Transportation study
  • Storage study
  • Full chain CAPEX and OPEX

Transport Study

Transport Concept Study

  • Buffer storage
  • Loading/Offloading
  • Land based transportation
  • Pipeline
  • Ship sizing
  • Shipment hubs

Storage Study

Storage Concept Study

  • Carbon dioxide specifications
  • Storage capacity
  • Timeline
  • Required commitments
  • Cost

About Us

BluCarbon Solutions is a specialist in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). We help CO2 emitters to find the most suitable and cost efficient technologies for the full chain from capture, liquefaction, buffer storage, transport to permanent storage or utilization.

We are 100% independent and work solely for the CO2 emitters. We reduce the cost of both the planning process as well as the final Capex and Opex of the plant.

Our team has been working with CCS systems over 15 years and installed systems based on Amines, Chilled Ammonia, Hot Potassium and Oxyfuel in Europe and USA. We have been working actively with more than 30 emitters of CO2 that are planning BECCS, CCS and CCUS systems. The emitters have been Power plants, CHP plants, WTE plants, Pulp&Paper plants, Cement plants, Refineries.

We work closely with the emitters on a deep process level to identify the emitting plant, calculate the options for integration, analyzing the KPI’s for benchmarking the technologies and finally producing a Conceptual Design up to Basic Design including total Capex and Opex as well as a cost per ton captured and stored CO2.

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BluCarbon Solutions in cooperation with Midroc

This podcast is held by Mattias Jones and Martin Röden from BluCarbon Solutions, and the first in a series coproduced with Midroc. See the rest HERE .

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