We are specialists in CO2capture, transportation and use or storage of CO2.


Reducing the CO2 emissionsby capturing the CO2 at large emitters contributes to reach the goals set up in the Paris agreement 2016. The last years research has brought forward a number of very efficient technologies that are matured to be installed on emitters of CO2.


Every emitter is however different, and we specialize in analyzing the source of CO2 emissionsto identify the best suitedCO2 capture system. We act as owner’s engineers and structure the needs to find the absolute best solution for the owner.


What we do


  • Full chain CCS analysis
  • Feasibility studies CO2 capture and utilization or storage
  • Present available CO2 capture technologies to choose from
  • CO2 transportation options analysis
  • Act as Owners engineers to support the owners to engage into CO2 capture


We compile and offer the customer a work package that fits customers’ needs


Full chain CCS analysis.

We analyze the target plant and its emission profile. We identify the footprint needed for a CO2 capture and the local options for temporary storage of CO2. The options of usage or storage are the next steps and when this is defined the logistics for the transportation is defined and the whole chain is documented with the cost estimation for each logical step.


Feasibility studies CCUS

A feasibility study is done to verify the economic and technical possibilities to capture CO2 and review the options of utilization of the CO2. The study can be a light study to verify “fatal flaw”i.e to verify the critical issues for success for the next step or a decision to abandon the idea.


A feasibility study can also be a very thorough study to decide on which technology to use, to propose suitable CO2capture technologies to choose from, and to identify the case up to an investment to build.


For the utilization of CO2 there are several options. CO2 can be used in accelerating growth in greenhouses and algae production. CO2 can be used to produce fertilizers like urea or fuel like methanol. CO2 can be used in EOR, enhanced oil recovery and CO2 can be used in gas fields for pressure and finally CO2 can permanently be stored in depleted oil and gas fields or in saline aquifers and create a “carbon sink”.

Everyfeasibility study is different, and we can offer and perform all categories mentioned.


CO2 capture project design

Once the feasibility study is made,BluCarbon Solutions can define, organize, manage and set up the project design. Engineering canbe made by in-house engineers, by local engineers or by global companies and manufacturers.


CO2 transportation options analysis

Once the CO2 is captured it needs to be transported to is final destination. BluCarbon Solutions has the competence to define, calculated and organizeCO2liquefaction, temporary storage on site and a logistics system set up for the transportation by truck, train, ship or pipeline.


Owners engineers

BluCarbon Solutions can perform the above services and make the above studies on a case by case basis or else act as owner’s engineers and take responsibilities for a ccs evaluation project or for a time to execute a certain project within the ccs area.