Ola Augustsson

Senior Process Engineer

Ola has a long and wide experience in chemical plants and industrial work within process engineering, including 15 years experience of carbon capture and storage (CCS). He has constructed 6 CCS demonstration plants in Europe and in the United States.

– Commissioning management EdF-Alstom Amine pilot 10 kton/a Le Havre
– Design, Construction, Delivery and Commissioning of HPC Demonstration plant
– Scientific coordination of DOW-Alstom Amine CCS Plant, Charleston WV
– Design, Construction, Delivery and Commissioning Chilled Ammonia 10 000 ton/a & for AEP-Alstom Chilled Ammonia, WV; 70 000 t/a
– Test lead Oxy-fuel CCS Alstom Windsor, CT
– Test lead Alstom-Stuttgart Uni. Calcium looping
– Installation of a slip stream CO2 capture unit – Carbonates at Consol Energy Ohio.
– Feasibility Study/FEED & Project Development for Stargate 250 w. CO2 Capture, Point Comfort Tx.
– NER 300 Application to EU with MoreCCS for Lithuanian/Norwegian government.
– Full scale CO2 storage EOR project in Turkey
– PFS Full chain CCS Proposal KPMG/Malta Gov.
– Site operation manager Chilled ammonia CCS demo at Växjö technical center,
– Pre-feasibility study (PFS) Full chain CCS & Proposal DOE, NAPG, Wyoming
– Operation Pilot plant EON-CCS Chilled Ammonia 10 000 ton/h in Karlshamn Sweden.
– Conceptual design of Stargate 250 for the Caledonia project in Scotland
– Site management at biomass gasification 15 MW pilot plant Värnamo, Sweden.
– PFS CCS Proposal, Lublin Power plant PGE Poland
– Participation in NCCS Norway: feasibility study for Climit Industrikraft Möre Norway
– PFS CCS Proposal AEP, Kammer & Conesville
– PFS CCS Proposal for AES Beaver Valley for CCGT Gas Turbine Proposal to Malta Government with Daewoo
– PFS Full chain CCS at Mattoon in Illinois.
– Preliminary Conceptual design, CO2 capture with Methanol Production. Screening study CO2 technologies Stockholm Exergi


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